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Epilepsy Study Incriminates Aspartame in Medications

 Aspartame Causes Cancers - 2005 Italian Study   
Aspartame & Cancer

Aspartame Disease: An FDA Approved Epidemic
Aspartame & Joint Pain
Aspartame Epedemic
Aspartame -- History of Fraud and Deception
Aspartame Made with Genetically Engineered Ingredients
Aspartame (NutraSweet) Addiction
Aspartame The Silent Killer

Barcelona Study 1 (Trocho)
Barcelona Study 2 (Trocho)
Brain Cell Damage
Brief History of Aspartame

Canadian Aspartame Reaction Report Form
Canadian Class Action Law Suit
Canadian Food Labelling Regulations re Sweeteners
Coke & Pepsi banned in India

Detecting & Avoiding Aspartame/MSG
Dr. Roberts Statement on Aspartame
Dr. Roberts Statement on Aspartame caused Headache
Dr Roberts? Who is he?
Dr. Schwartz tells Monsanto the Facts
Epilepsy Study Incriminates Aspartame in Medications

FDA , Monsanto & other Liars & Cheats
FDA Original List of Aspartame Symptoms  

How Monsanto Controls What You Eat

Increasing Violence in our Communities & Schools

Joint Pain Associated With Aspartame Use

Methanol toxicity from aspartame mimicing MS

 Monsanto Eatery Bans Altered Food (Associated Press Article)


Pervasive Developmental Disorders

Poisoned Drugs/Vitamins

SC-18862 The Searle Infant Monkey Study

Sudden Deaths - Epedemic In Those Exposed To Aspartame

Take The No Aspartame Test

US Aspartame Reaction Report Form

Victims Reports & Recovery Stories